How to Apply the Yuvanesse Creams

Message from our Medical Director

Bio-identical hormones have been in use since the early 1980’s, in the US and they are now available almost globally. Their safety has been demonstrated by years of safe and efficacious use in millions of patients, globally! Even Oprah uses them and Dr. Oz promotes them! Sadly, most normal practicing physicians have not kept with the advances in this field & remain ignorant. Please do not let their ignorance deprive you of a wonderful advance in Medicine. We can help you find a physician trained in their use. They will change your life, for the better, safely!

-Dr. Ali

Yuvanesse Anti-Aging Pharmacy is the first American compounding pharmacy in India.

Yuvanesse Pharmacy is a specialty pharmacy offering compounding services, nutritional products and patient consultations. Our focus is on the promotion of health and wellness through hormone balance, lifestyle management and nutritional supplementation. Specializing in unique solutions to medication or treatment problems, we can assist all members of your family.